List of Active Officials

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Below is a listing of all officials sorted by Name.

Currently displayed are officials starting with the letter N. Clicking the letters on the top shows the LAST names corresponding to that letter.

Last Name First Name City CLUB Profile
Nadeau  Conrad    DCSC  Details
Nearing  Jennifer    DMSC  Details
Nearing  Nathan    DMSC  Details
Nearing  Neale    DMSC  Details
Nelson  Richard    PMM  Details
Newton  Cherlene    BSK  Details
Newton  Peter    BSK  Details
Nicholson  David    UPEI  Details
Nicholson  Marlene    UPEI  Details
Nickel  Debbie    BB  Details
Nickerson  Johanna    DD  Details
Nickerson  Marlene    DCSC  Details
Nickerson  Mike    HTAC  Details
Nielsen  Mary  Windsor  WB  Details
Nolan  Alicia    BB  Details
Nowlan  Tom    HALT  Details
Nowotlzynski  William    GDSC  Details
Nuyens  Trevor  Cole Harbour  CHH  Details